Specifically, the company experienced 11.86 million tonnes of general cargo volume, 444.973 CEU ro-ro operations, and 3.51 million cubic meters of liquid cargo volume.

Moreover, Turkey had an increase in its container volume due to the strong position of the Turkish economy.


Therefore, Yilport Gebze and Yilport Gemlik terminals experienced a volume growth of 11% year-on-year, 554.223 TEUs and 524.652 TEUs, respectively.

In addition, banana exports in Ecuador and containerization investments positively affected Latin American growth for Yilport Holding. Yilport Puerto Bolívar in Ecuador, the one and only deep-sea container terminal of the country, contributed to boosting Latin American container handling to 380.276 TEU, displaying 23% growth in comparison to 2017.

Yilport’s Nordic container terminals played an important role on the company's growth. Meaning that the volume increase in Sjursøya Container Terminal (SCT) was the main driver in the Nordic region.

Yilport’s Nordic terminal portfolio in Sweden and Norway grew by 2% to 474.535 TEU compared to 2017 volumes.

General cargo in the region rose by a promising 8% to 2.22 million tonnes.

Furthermore, Iberian terminals' container volume remained stable, whereas the leading terminal of Iberian portfolio Yilport Leixões resulted 2018 with 660.835 TEU, recording 6% growth.

Consolidated general cargo grew by 5% to 4.15 million tonnes in Yilport’s Iberian portfolio.

The company also owns 50% shares in Malta Freeport (MFTL), which recorded 3.31 million TEU volume in 2018.