In fact, IMO has adopt strict regulations to address the issue of the GHG emissions and set the goals to cut global shipping carbon intensity by at least 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2050 when compared to 2008.

In light of the situation, the company informed that its carbon emissions per TEU/kilometre significantly reduced by 51% in comparison to the levels in 2008.

Yang Ming fleet’s average carbon intensity per Teu/Km significantly reduced by 51% compared with the level in 2008, from 99.4 g/teu-km to 48.1 g/teu-km, accomplishing the IMO target of reducing carbon intensity by at least 40% by 2030, eleven years ahead of schedule.

...the company said in its statement.

What is more, in order to reach the GHG targets, Yang Ming has formulated several long-term strategies.

For instance, by implementing 12 vessel modification and optimization projects, and accelerating the vessel renewal plan by eliminating vessels over 20 years of age and adding ten 2,800 TEU class, twenty 14,000 TEU and fourteen 11,000 TEU class echo-friendly smart vessels.

Faced with the challenges of a warming world, Yang Ming is committed to environmental protection and the fight against climate change.

... Yang Ming added.

Overall, concerning GHG emissions, IMO holds a virtual informal (virtual) preliminary discussion session focusing on short-term measures for reducing emissions from ships (6-10 July).