Yamal LNG was inspected in the time-frame between June 17 and June 29, 2019. After the audit, British Standards Institution (BSI), an international certification authority, confirmed Yamal LNG’s IMS compliance with these international standards.

The certificates are valid through to 24 June 2020.

The ISO 45001 emphasizes the need for worker participation in the functioning of an OH&S management system, as well as requiring that an organization ensures that its workers are competent to do their assigned tasks safely.

In light of ISO 45001, SAFETY4SEA has provided 5 tips for its effective implementation.

  1. Identify all the processes and activities at your work place;
  2. Check if any activity may hide hazards that could cause harm;
  3. Reduce the risks that may lead to injuries;
  4. Verify if the measures taken will protect the crew and the rules are being followed; and
  5. Improve by always looking for ways do things better and more safely.