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02 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 So far, at a glance - - Apo Belokas Founder & Managing Editor [email protected] Apostolos Belokas @ApoBelokas About 35,000 e-mail recipients 84 Forums 57,000 Delegates 12,000 Magazines printed monthly 300,000 Portal visitors monthly 195 Awards 1,566 Speakers SAFETY4SEAisFostering Sustainable Shippingfor more than 12 years , hosting the leading, producing monthly magazines & special publications (100k p.a. circulation onboard & ashore), along withe-mail, video & social media , and deliveringSAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA, CAREER4SEA & CrewWelfareWeek Forums & Awards . At SAFETY4SEA we are using a variety of digital, print & direct channels since 2010, aiming towards Safe, Smart, Green & Sustainable shipping. Our key objective remains to provide latest updates by reviewing all available sources ensuring that we deliver to our audience what is really worth reading. As part of our ongoing process to improve the services that we provide and after a lot of thinking and consideration we decided to merge our portals and magazines in 2018, to further strengthen our key brand. Therefore, we now have a brand new incorporating all safety, green, smart, ESG and risk updates accompanied by a newly designed, larger, monthly SAFETY4SEA Magazine and a set of Quarterly Magazines to enhance safety awareness. All our ten (10) set of forums and four (4) set of awards will remain intact for 2024 with dates set already. As now it’s the time to plan for the forthcoming calendar year, we trust you will find this brochure useful and we look forward to hearing from you on any queries or requests for additional information you may have. Editorial

03 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Our communication channels Forums 8 In-person & 2 Virtual Forums Started in 2010 Most well attended events globally 400 - 800 delegates each event 84 events delivered so far Social Media Dedicated Social Media Team LinkedIn, Instagram 94,000 + Followers 70+ posts per day 950,000+ impressions per month Tv Dedicated YouTube Channel 200 videos per annum 50,000 views per month Awards 4x set of Virtual Awards Started in 2016 Dedicated Award Ceremony 195awards handed out so far Portal World leading portal on Safety, Smart & Green News 14 years online 1,200+ posts per month 600,000+ pageviews per month Magazines World leading monthly magazine on Safety, Smart & Green News 12 12,000 copies per month Direct Excellent network in Greece Tailored services may be provided Daily & Monthly Newsletters with Safety, Green & Smart news 35,000 recipients served 60 + % open rate Daily Noon Report Active in Facebook, X (ex-Twitter)

04 Explore more at Media Pack 2024 Paper magazines Editorial Coverage Log and Quarterly Paper Magazines news, insight and intelligence being the proper vehicle to carry your message to the desired Monthly Highlights Safety News Smart Shipping News Green News Opinions & Interviews Book & Literature review Infographics on Safety, Training and Risk issues Safety Digest & Alerts Safety Scenarios & Lessons to be learned Regulatory & Flag Update 64+4 pages Quality Binding Safe, Smart & Green coverage Monthly Editorial Focus At a glance Editorial Focus Month February January December Material Deadline 19/01 08/12 15/11 Date 09/02 10/01 Singapore Maritime Week Shipping 2030 P&I Clubs Digitalization March 16/02 08/03 E-Navigation April 20/03 10/04 June 17/05 07/06 06/12 Future of Shipping October 20/09 10/10 ESG & Sustainability May 19/04 10/05 Connectivity July / August 21/06 12/7 Divesity & Inclusion September 23/08 10/09 November 18/10 08/11 Mental Health Crew Welfare SMART4SEA Athens Forum, SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum Crew Welfare Week Cyber Security CAREER4SEA Virtual Forum CMA Shipping, GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, Sea Japan GREEN4SEA Singapore Forum, SAFETY4SEA Manila Forum Posidonia SMM SAFETY4SEA Singapore Forum, SAFETY4SEA Dubai Forum SAFETY4SEA London Forum, SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum

05 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Print magazines circulation Recipient Breakdown 38% 18% 11% 24% 9% Average Monthly 12,000 Greece America’s APAC Ships EMEA (excl. Greece) 17 % Shipping Stakeholders 24 % Ships 16 % Ship Operators (Outside Greece) 27 % Ship Operators (Greece) 14 % 2 % Academies Events 12,000 Magazines Monthly Series booking x1 x2 x5 x10 Double Page Spread € 2,000 Full Page € 1,000 -15% -30% -50% Half Page € 500 * Discounts apply according to table Log and Focus The Advert print sizes Double Page Spread (DPS) with bleed: 430mm x 290mm Full Page with bleed: 220mm x 290mm Half Page Horizontal with bleed: 220mm x 150mm Net: 420mm x 280mm Net: 210mm x 280mm Net: 210mm x 140mm

06 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Por tal Portal SAFETY4SEA is a recently redesigned site containing all latest safety, smart and green shipping news. Supported by a daily newsletter, a strong social media presence and a magazine, this is an ideal vehicle to promote and enhance your corporate image by placing a banner or hosting an opinion or a white paper. We are open to discuss how we may serve your needs. • • • • >2,750,000 >3,600,000 >6,000,000 Visitors Visits Views Expected Traffic in 2024 HORIZONTAL SKYSCRAPPER 600X120 SKIN 700x1220 LEADERBOARD - 728x90 MPUATF 300x250 MPU BTF 300x250 3:1 RECTANGLE BTF 300x100 SKIN 700x1220 NEW WEBSITE Page Safety (alerts, accidents, loss prevention, maritime health, regulations, seafarers, security) SEAFiT (intellectual, mental, physical, social, spiritual) Green (arctic, ballast, emissions, fuels, pollution, ship recycling, green shipping, technology) Smart (connectivity, cyber security, energy efficiency, e-navigation, maritime software) Key Post Categories Portal Rates Risk (CIC, detentions, fines, PSC focus, vetting) CSR (sustainability, diversity in shipping) Reports, Infographics &Videos Columns: Opinions, Book Review, Career Paths, Industry Voices, Maripedia, Maritime History, Resilience, Seafarers’ Stories, Seasense, Wellness Corner • • • • Banner Booking (Monthly Fee) Location Visibility Dimensions x1 Month x3 Months x6 Months x12 Months Leaderboard ATF Top, above navigation menu Entire site 728x90 5,000€ -15% -30% -50% MPU ATF Top, Right sidebar Entire site 300x250 4,000€ MPU BTF Middle, Right sidebar Entire site 300x250 2,500€ Articles at Category/ies of choice 2,000€ Post injection, below first paragraph Articles at Category/ies of choice 2,000€ Bottom, Right sidebar Entire site 1,800€ Articles at Category/ies of choice 1,000€ 3:1 Rectangle BTF Middle, Right sidebar Entire site 300x100 2,000€ Bottom, Right sidebar Entire site 1,500€ Horizontal Skyscraper Post injection, below first paragraph Articles at Category/ies of choice 600x120 2,500€ Skin Left and right of site content Entire site 700x1220 6,000€ *ATF = Above the fold, BTF = Below the fold

07 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Daily Newsletter BANNER 600x120 RECTANGLE BANNER 300x250 RECTANGLE BANNER 300x250 Daily e-mail (Noon Report) E-mail Banner Placement Rates Banner Booking (Weekly fee) Top Banner Bottom Banner Top Rectangle Banner Bottom Rectangle Banner Dimensions x1 Week 600 x 120 300 x 250 600 x 120 300 x 250 € 1,000 € 800 € 800 € 700 x4 Weeks -30% -50% x12 Weeks x3 Weeks -15% E-mail Stats Daily List Monthly List 25,000 65 % 7 % Recipients Open rate Click rate 10,000 30 % 3 % Mobile Friendly Safe, Smart & Green News Video Promotion Opinion Promotion At a glance Our user friendly daily e-mail is being circulated within a fully vetted database of 35,000 subscribers on a daily & monthly basis, leaving no room for spamming. Daily opt in list of approx. 25,000 recipients achieves an open rate in excess of 65% and a click rate in excess of 7% being the best testament of the above. Using a mobile friendly format we make sure that we left no subscriber out of the communication loop, while we ensure that we may host up to 6 banners on a daily basis making this a user friendly channel to accommodate your most demanding needs.

08 Explore more at Media Pack 2024 Forums & Awards 13 FEB 2024 Tue 31 JAN 2024 Wed 28 FEB 2024 Wed 19 APR 2024 Thu 22 FEB 2024 Thu A 02 APR 2024 Tue Awards Notes: 1. Process starts 3 months aheaf of the event 2. Open nomination & online voting via website 3. No fees to nominate and participate 4. Visibility via social media & web for all shortlisted nominees 5. Best way to boost visibility of your brand Limassol Forum Limassol Forum Hamburg Forum Virtual Awards Athens Forum Man Singapore Forum

09 Explore more at Media Pack 2024 Forums & Awards 25-27 JUN 2024 Tue - Thu 24 OCT 2024 Thu 23 APR 2024 Wed 13 NOV 2024 Wed 30 OCT 2024 Thu 11 DEC 2024 Wed nila Forum Virtual Awards Virtual Event Crew Welfare Week London Forum Athens Forum Singapore Forum Dubai Forum Virtual Event 09 MAY 2024 Thu 18 SEP 2024 Wed 02 OCT 2024 Wed Virtual Awards Events dedicated website at Learn more at

10 Explore more at Media Pack 2024 Forums & Awards KPIs & Rates Conference KPIs ATTENDANCE BY SECTOR Ship Operators Within Shipping Academies/ Universities Outside Shipping 9% 46% 36% 9% ATTENDANCE BY JOB ROLE Senior Level 18% 41% 32% 9% Manager Level Other Junior Level Conference & Awards Rates € 3,500 - €5,000 € 5,000 € 2,500 € 2,000 € 5,000 Event Sponsor (Basic marketing exposure) Award Sponsor (incl. sponsoring of an award) Conference Sponsor (incl. speaking slot) Headline Sponsor € 2,000 € 1,000 In-Person Forums Virtual Forums Virtual Awards - - - Awards Event Forum Event Video Interview Option (TPE) Third Party Events, to be attended by SAFETY4SEA Team with Interview Option Available All events are organised and delivered by SAFETY4SEA unless otherwise specified Events dedicated website at SAFETY4SEA EVENT PLANNER 2024 Awards Forum Video Date Event City Forum Agenda Items Safety Smart Green 31 JAN SAFETY4SEA Forum Limassol 13 FEB SMART4SEA Forum Athens 22 FEB SAFETY4SEA Forum Hamburg 28 FEB SMART4SEA Awards Virtual 12-14 MAR CMA Shipping (TPE) Stamford 02 APR GREEN4SEA Forum Athens 19 APR GREEN4SEA Forum Singapore 15-19 APR Singapore Maritime Week (TPE) Singapore 23 APR SAFETY4SEA Forum Manila 09 MAY GREEN4SEA Awards Virtual 03-07 JUN Posidonia (TPE) Athens 25-27 JUN Crew Welfare Week Virtual 03-06 SEP SMM (TPE) Hamburg 18 SEP SAFETY4SEA Forum London 02 OCT SAFETY4SEA Forum Athens 24 OCT SAFETY4SEA Forum Singapore 30 OCT SAFETY4SEA Awards Virtual 13 NOV SAFETY4SEA Forum Dubai 11 DEC CAREER4SEA Forum Virtual

11 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Digital audience We operate a wide range of digital channels and social media and we are confident we may provide the right channels to promote you to the right audience. Devices 40 % 4 % 56 % Top 6 Countries Philippines 7 % United States 13 % India 12 % United Kingdom 9 % Greece 9 % Singapore 4 % Web Traffic >3,600,000 Visits >2,750,000 Visitors/Users >6,000,000 Page Views 2.60 Pages/Visit 0:01:30 Visit Duration 27,000 Followers >60,000 Engagements >3,500,000 Impressions X (ex Twitter) 25,000 Followers > 20,000 Engagements >1,200,000 Impressions 45,000 Followers >90,000 Engagements >5,000,000 Reach >7,000,000 Impressions 1

12 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Content marketing Social media Marketing LeverageSAFETY4SEAsocial media audience to promote your message to the right people. We distribute your message to the appropriate targeted group for your needs, through Facebook, X (ex Twitter) & Linkedin . We deliver a personalized social media presence for your products and services, following the optimal time schedule to maximize the ROI of your campaigns. Promote your brand and expertise by creating content specific to your potential client needs. With cooperation withSAFETY4SEA content marketing team, you can stay connected with your targeted audience, establish your position as an expert in your field and gain their trust . You can now get your message to a highly targeted audience, through videos of your company, products or services. Video as a medium achieve significantly higher reach, compared to static ads. You can now place your video ads to strategically selected positions at SAFETY4SEAand increase your exposure by tenfold. We can know create your own branded column at SAFETY4SEA portal and magazines (4 columns annually on SAFETY4SEAmagazines and 6 columns annually on SAFETY4SEAportal). You have the complete control to your column (content, branding, Q&As etc). The best way to promote your products and services and achieve high visibility. Sponsored Articles Dedicated Column Video Promotion Build your brand, products & services awareness Establish your position as leader Your personal branded content column The power of video ads at your disposal ARTICLE COLUMN For more content marketing solutions

13 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Case studies Event Delivery Case Study #1 Direct Mail Case Study #3 Client: Vetting Services Provider Request: Organise and host a “by invitation only” event, aiming at guests from senior positions within ship operator’s organisation. What we delivered: A GREEN4SEA event was planned in advance in full co-ordination with the client that confirmed all particulars of the event specification (venue, audience and all event delivery details) which were organized communicated in advance. Invitations were sent to the selected audience with telephone follow ups to verify attendance. Event attended in total by 400 delegates at the venue with follow up provided by GREEN4SEA. Time Frame: 1-2 months in advance Costs: Actual expenses plus fees (depending on the event) Client: Service Provider Request: Circulate a corporate brochure within the Greek Market. What we delivered : We coordinated with client on the exact coverage that would seem appropriate (business position/title targeting) Coordinated receipt and packaging of the client material along with the SAFETY4SEA Magazine Delivered a total of 2,500 corporate brochures along with the magazine at the intended recipients group. Time Frame: 1-2 months in advance Costs : Actual expenses plus fees (depending on the number of recipients) Event Marketing Case Study #2 Client: Event Organiser Request: Market the event that was delivered in Far East to the global audience. What we delivered: Event was promoted via SAFETY4SEA for a period of 1 month ahead of the event using: • Banner at website • Daily Banner placement at the daily e-mail newsletter • Blog advertorials for the event • Posting press material to attract delegates • Boost via Social Media Platforms Time Frame: 2-3 months in advance Costs: Depending on the visibility required

14 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Tailor made solutions Webinars E-mail Blast Corporate Material (White Paper/Video) Promotion As modern economy is moving fast, what a better way of reaching your audience? Hosting a webinar allows your business to showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products and services, while helping you to understand your target audience. Having no geographical boundaries or time constraints, potential clients have better access to you, your expertise and your products. Webinars are an exceptional way to engage and share your company’s passion, improve your profit margin and a great way to generate qualified leads and raise brand awareness. Each week, our 35,000 + registered users across the globe receive the latest news and insight available directly to their inbox. We may provide this extensive pool of contacts to you in order to send over an e-mail blast to promote and communicate your company’s products or services right to the heart of your desired target audience. Our e-newsletter will be delivered in a mobile responsive format so recipients can have instant, global access to the website and will be accompanied by the usual post report analytics to provide usefull insights. You may wish to further boost awareness of your expertise and increase the credibility of your brand by informing our audience of your products and services with the help of SAFETY4SEA using a video or a white paper. We may provide the channel and boost the promotion of your corporate material in our website, video channel and social media, plus promotion via our daily newsletter as usual. Duration Indicative Cost Approx 1 Hour € 3,000 x1 Times x2 Times € 1,500 Price Per Send € 2,250 x3 Times € 3,000 x1 Weeks x2 Weeks € 1,500 Indicative Cost per week promoted € 2,250 x4 Weeks € 3,000 1. Better interest with your Audience 2. Improve Customer Product Knowledge 3. Develop Businesses Network & Contacts 4. Brand Yourself an Expert in Your Field 5. Further Develop Your Business 6. Educate Your Audience Why use our tailored solutions?

15 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2024 Major events coverage Key Contacts Apostolos Belokas SAFETY4SEA Founder & Managing Editor E-mail: [email protected] Angela Chatzigeorgiou Media Team Manager E-mail: [email protected] Joanna Saltaoura Events Team Manager E-mail: [email protected] Terms & Conditions 1. 2. 3. 4. Video Interviews during Major Events We coordinate this project almost 2 months in advance, making sure you have the proper person to pass over the right message during each major event. All our interviews are pre planned as we want no surprises to upset the interviewees in any time. We make sure the end result is the desired one at all times while we boost all interviews via live blogging on social media that multiplies the communication impact. Posidonia 2022 Editorial submissions to fully comply with Editorial Policies. Client is responsible to comply with specs and deadlines imposed bySAFETY4SEA All invoices to be settled within 30 days, unless otherwise specified. All prices quoted in Euros, excl. VAT. Daniel Tadros The American Club Andrew Marshall Ecochlor Mike Konstantinidis METIS Ben Palmer Inmarsat W. Gallagher, Th. Xenakoudis, Br. Poskaitis, S. Bonnett International Registries, Inc. Dr. Stelios Kyriacou ERMA FIRST Konstantinos Karagiannis ERMA FIRST Vicky Apostolopoulou Metropolitan College Børge Hetland NAVTOR Andrew Roberts RightShip Konstantinos S. Galanakis Elvictor Group Tom Evensen JOTUN Dorothea Ioannou The American Club Alexandros Kessar Poseidon Marine Supplies Konstantinos Chatzitolios Bureau Veritas Nikos Georgopoulos Diaplous Group Elpi Petraki WISTA Hellas Masuaki Urata ClassNK Maria Kyratsoudi ABS John-Kaare Aune Wallem E. Makris, F. Paschos Weathernews Athena Kanellatou MacGregor Michalis Loupasakis LALIZAS Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen DNV Stamatis Fradelos ABS

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