SAFETY4SEA Media Pack 2022

02 Explore more at Med i a Pac k 2022 So far, at a glance - - - Apostolos Belokas Founder & Managing Editor [email protected] Apostolos Belokas @ApoBelokas About SAFETY4SEA 35,000 e-mail recipients 70 Forums 27,000 Delegates 12,000 Magazines printed monthly 300,000 Portal visitors monthly 139 Awards 1,160 Speakers At SAFETY4SEA we are using a variety of digital, print & direct channels since 2010, aiming towards Safe, Smart, Green & Sustainable shipping. Our key objective remains to provide latest updates by re- viewing all available sources ensuring that we deliver to our audience what is really worth reading. As part of our ongoing process to improve the servic- es that we provide and after a lot of thinking and con- sideration we decided to merge our portals and mag- azines in 2018, to further strengthen our key brand. Therefore, we now have a brand new incorporating all safety, green, smart, CSR and risk updates accompanied by a newly designed, larger, monthly SAFETY4SEA Magazine and a set of Quar- terly Magazines to enhance safety awareness. All our five (5) set of forums and four (4) set of awards will remain intact for 2022 with dates set already. As now it’s the time to plan for the forthcoming calen- dar year, we trust you will find this brochure useful and we look forward to hearing from you on any que- ries or requests for additional information you may have. SAFETY4SEA (incorporating GREEN4SEA & SMART4SEA ) is fostering Sustainable Shipping, being the world’s leading source of news and insight on safer, smarter & greener shipping using (with a top 5 world rank), monthly paper magazines & special publications (circulated in more than 12,000 copies monthly across the globe and onboard ships), along with video & social media . Furthermore, it hosts Crew Welfare Week, SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA & CAREER4SEA Forums & Awards to foster excellence and share best practices across shipping. Editorial