SAFETY4SEA Crew Welfare Survey Report 2021

Crew Welfare Survey Report | 2021 2 S eafarers have been always working under challenging conditions; life onboard is not an easy task by nature. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the level of difficulty to the high- est. We are all witnessing an unprec- edented situation in which uncertainty and fear are the most prevailing emo- tions that eventually harm our wellbe- ing. And when comes to life onboard, seafarers can exaggerate such feel- ings, leading to negative results. In that respect, feedback is vital; how do people onboard feel? How could we improve their lives and work- ing environment at sea? Crew welfare is a top issue and latest SAFETY4SEA survey calls maritime industry stake- holders to consider it as a key priori- ty in order to turn the tide. According to survey findings, welfare issues re- Contents 3 Introduction 4 Methods Used 7 Demographics 11 Questions Analysis 11 Wellness Index (WNI) 37 Communication Index (CMI) 41 Wellbeing Index (WBI) About WELCOME SAFETY4SEA (incorporating GREEN4SEA & SMART4SEA) is fostering Sustainable Shipping, being the world’s leading source of news and insight on safer, smarter & greener shipping using (with a top 5 world rank), monthly paper magazines & special publications (circulated in more than 12,000 copies across the globe and onboard ships), along with video & social media. Furthermore, it hosts SAFETY4SEA, GREEN4SEA, SMART4SEA & CAREER4SEA Forums & Awards to foster excellence and share best practices across shipping. To learn more please visit main at a high satisfactory level in spite of the pandemic. Let’s remember that two years ago when we initiated this survey, crew wellness indexes were above average, demonstrating that in- dustry is on the right path towards the wellness challenge. However, at the same time, this can be an alarming trend if we admit the as- sumption that seafarers are resilient no matter what. It is now time to change that perception and shed our efforts on a holistic approach that will take into consideration all aspects of crew wel- fare. As such, we are pleased to pre- sent the key findings of our SAFETY- 4SEA Crew Welfare survey and high- light that we should never take seafar- ers’ wellbeing issues for granted but al- ways struggle to accomplish the best conditions for their life onboard! Apostolos Belokas Managing Editor 52 COVID-19 impact Index (COI) 63 Happiness Index (HPI) 74 Survey Factors 75 Index Analysis 84 Highlights 85 Conclusions