SAFETY4SEA Log Issue 70 - May 2022

SPECIAL EDITION ON EMERGENCY SYSTEMS 9772585325007 13 ISSN 2585-3252 12x Monthly Paper issues 9772654181008 06 ISSN 2654-1815 9772654220004 08 ISSN 2654-220X !"#$%&'!$"()*+,(-+./0*+(!1*2+34( Keyfindings !+55678(9*6:*656+ ;(0*:17<(=*+,(,+./0*+((>((?+55+*(=:77+=562653(:[email protected]:0*<(6;(2650. Ship Subscription 4x Quarterly Paper issues 50x Weekly safety flash e-mail [Safety Alerts, Digest & Meeting for shipboard use] 4x Quarterly regulatory update DVD [incl. Reports & Training material] (17 flags covered) 4x Quarterly Paper issues CORPORATE Subscription Ship Subscription E L E M E N T S 9772241343000 64 ISSN 2241-343X 3x Online libraries [Risk Assessment, Incident, Safety Digest] All magazine editions in PDF PDF presentations & attendance certificates for all events Digital subscription available, including digital version of all elements & online access WHY SAFETY4SEA PLUS PSC / Vetting ESG & Crew Welfare MLC A4.3 ISGOTT Ch.13 TMSA 9A.3.3 & 14 DryBMS SA 24 300 Clients Discover the world’s leading Safety Culture Tool and Regulatory Compliance Service , designed for ship & office use in line with industry, MLC, PSC, Vetting, TMSA, ISGOTT, DryBMS & ESG needs. 03 05 02 06 04 Regulatory Compliance Crew Resilience Lessons Learned Risk Assessment Safety Meetings Fleet Training 01 07 Incident Investigation ways to use Exp l ore more at