SAFETY4SEA Log Issue 70 - May 2022

w w w . r i s k 4 s e a . c o m RiSK4SEA is a cloud-based platform to redefine PSC performance by providing Analytics, Reports, Bench- marks and Insights for 23 fleet segments in order to assist stakeholders to ASSESS/PREPARE for forthcom- ing PSC inspections, ANALYSE PSC performance to identify strengths & weaknesses and BENCHMARK fleets against competition and the industry. Explore more at FREE TRIAL: r i s k 4 s e a . c o m / t r i a l 1-Click Benchmark of Ships, Managers, Ports and Deficiencies Next PSC Call Ship, Port & Manager Specific Risk Assessment Tailored Ship, Manager & Port Specific PSC Preparation Checklist Automated Next Port of Call Risk Assessment with alert follow ups Search by Ship, Manager, Port, Deficiency & Legislation API availability to integrate with your ERP/System