SAFETY4SEA Log Issue 62 - September 2021

Plus Explore more at Discover the world’s leading Safety Culture tool & Regulatory Compliance designed for Ship & Office use in line with Industry, PSC & Vetting/TMSA needs. Ship Subscription Corporate Subscription Ship Subscription elements Unit Price 195 * Unit Price 7 TO USE WAYS 1. Provide the easiest form of Regulatory Update 2. Promote and enhance Resilience 3. Provide brief and useful material for Safety Meetings 4. Breakdown in easy chunks lessons to be learned 5. Be the best and easiest tool to be used for Fleet training 6. Provide for Risk Assessment Assistance 7. Provide towards assisting in way of Incident Investigation 200 + Clients 12x Monthly Paper issues 1 4x Quarterly paper issues 2 4x Quarterly paper issues 4 4x Quarterly paper issues 3 4x Quarterly regulatory update DVD [incl. Reports & Training material] (17 Flags covered) 5 52x Weekly safety flash e-mail [Safety Alerts, Digest & Meeting for shipboard use] Weekly safety flash 6 3x Online libraries [Risk Assessment, Incident, Safety Digest] 7 SAFETY4SEA Events Download PDF PDF presentations & attendance certificates for all events 9 All magazine editions in PDF Download PDF 8 *Discount price scheme applies. Please refer to