Specifically, Nauticor chartered Kairos via the joint venture Blue LNG from the owner Babcock Schulte Energy, where Nauticor has a 90 % share and Lithuanian energy infrastructure provider KN (Klaipedos Nafta) has a 10 % share.

In light of the bunker supply operation, Mahinde Abeynaike, CEO of Nauticor commented that the beginning of LNG bunkering for Destination Gotland’s new LNG fuelled ferry Visborg highlights the start of bunker operations for Kairos.

Also, he continued that the operation shows that the availability of LNG as a fuel for shipping on a large-scale basis is secured in Northwest Europe.

The access shipping companies have on fuel will bring many environmental benefits and in the meantime people and nature in Northwest Europe, and especially along the Swedish East coast, will benefit from a substantial reduction of emissions at sea and in port.

In addition, Richard Schröder, Director Finance & Operations of Nauticor noted

The successful first LNG ship-to-ship bunker operation in the port of Visby is the result of intensive preparation by Nauticor’s team, its partners and authorities.