The vessel is 135 meters long and is equipped with innovative tank technologies such as the complete reliquefaction of boil-off gas to achieve zero vaporised gas loss.

The Gas Agility can bunker 23,000TEU LNG-powered container ships to sail 19,500 nautical miles, covering a round-trip voyage from Europe to the Far East.

It can also achieve high re-fuelling rates using environmental pressure differentials between the bunkering vessel and the receiving ship.

The ship also has a natural gas incineration tower (GCU) and a nitrogen generator, providing additional services like servicing any refrigeration systems, and gas purging.

It has also been installed with two full-rotation thrusters and a bow thruster, to carry out independent lateral berthing operations in windy weather. Moreover, it can realise “home delivery” to berth various LNG receiving ships independently.