This is the first LNG bunker vessel owned by Emerald Green Maritime Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese shipping company MOL, and chartered by French energy company Total’s affiliate Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS).

In February 2018, TMFGS and MOL signed the Time Charter Party for this LNG bunkering vessel. Construction started in China in November 2018 at Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding’s yard and the vessel was delivered in April 2020.

The “Gas Agility” is using LNG as propulsion fuel, and integrating a complete re-liquefaction of the boil-off gas.

‘Gas Agility’ is a clear demonstration of our ongoing drive to develop key logistical LNG infrastructures in the main bunkering hubs around the world, helping the shipping industry make the move to a more sustainable fuel solution,

...said Jérôme Leprince-Ringuet, Managing Director of Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions.

In December 2019, TMFGS and MOL signed a long-term charter contract for a second large LNG bunker vessel, to be delivered in 2021. The ship will be positioned in the Marseille-Fos area in France to supply LNG as a marine fuel within the Mediterranean area.

The transition from heavy fuel oil to LNG is competitive, environmentally efficient and an immediately available solution for maritime transportation. By providing the capacity to deliver LNG as a marine fuel, this partnership will be the leader in transition to a more fuel-efficient industry,

...said Takeshi Hashimoto, Executive Vice President of MOL.