The tow of the hull arrived at Ulstein Verft on 6 November 2018, and the hull was positioned in the dock hall on 8 November. Completion work will now commence on the various areas of the vessels such as the engine area, public area, car deck and outer decks, thereafter comes tasks such as painting, commissioning, testing and sea trial.

The ship’s assembly was launched in April 2018 at Crist in Gdynia, Poland. The battery pack is used during transportation to absorb high power loads, contributing extra power when needed quickly during demanding operations.


The M/S Color Hybrid is being built for the Norwegian Ordinary Ship register and will be embodied by Norwegian crew. Moreover, it measures 160 meters in length, and has a capacity of 2,000 passengers and about 500 cars. Color Hybrid will almost double the capacity of M/S Bohus, which will be withdrawn when the new vessel launches into operation in summer 2019.

Color Line has placed shore power facilities in all of their Norwegian ports, including Oslo, Kristiansand, Larvik and Sandefjord. The facilities in Sandefjord will be used to charge the batteries of the Color Hybrid.