The trial test took place at DSME’s Okpo Shipyard from 24-26 November, 2020. KR and DSME have been working together as part of a partnership agreement for LNG bunkering/transport work with Korean shipyards.

This agreement aims to develop standards for LNG bunkering procedures in Korea, conduct risk evaluation of LNG bunkering operations, and development LNG bunkering to support technology based on standards and guidelines jointly developed by DSME and KR.

In addition, KR has identified a various potential hazards through its risk assessments for STS LNG loading/ transport operations between two ships, and has suggested effective ways to reduce that risk to DSME.

Moreover, a safer work environment and safety work procedures for workers have been developed as a result of a study looking at the establishment of control zones around the two ships during LNG transportation.

Th gas trial took place close collaboration from DSME, KR, SM KLC, SM KLCSM, and KOGAS, which provided full support for LNG bunkering vessels and safety management technology and LNG supply.