Specifically, from April 2019, the start-up accelerator will be accepting applications from startups,  from a global range. Overall, EPS will opt for ten companies, that will also include Singapore's most promising and regional early-stage ventures, to take place in the first round.


Following the first run, in November 2019, the class will take part in an intensive three-month program of research and development, mentorship and collaboration.

The accelerator will end in February 2020 with a demo day, where every startup will display its new business to an audience of venture capitalists, corporate innovation leaders and industry experts with the goal of facilitating investment in the companies while broadening and energizing the local entrepreneurial community.

Gil Ofer, Business Development Manager of EPS, commented that the merchant maritime industry is one of the modest globally, that's why developments are slowly coming, making the industry lack technological growth.

Both companies urge entrepreneurs that seek to make changes with the help of technology in the maritime industry, related to regulations, fuel efficiency, operating a vessel, digitalization, navoigation and other matters, to apply.

Concluding, Will Robinson, VP of Asia-Pacific Sales at Techstars, stated

...  We’re excited to further expand the Techstars brand and network in the APAC region and look forward to working with EPS to support entrepreneurs in their journey to transform this enormous industry.