Specifically, the report follows the thematic structure of the World Ports Sustainability Program and provides information on how ports are investing in resilient infrastructure, climate and energy, community outreach and port-city dialogue, safety and security and governance and ethics.

According to the report, governance and ethics and safety and security would appear to be underdeveloped areas in need of more attention, although the recent crisis caused by COVID-19 is already shifting focus of ports towards both areas of interest.

IAPH Managing Director Patrick Verhoeven, overall coordinator of the Program stated that

When we launched the World Ports Sustainability Program two years ago, our prime objectives were to create an online portfolio of port sustainability projects and to set up a platform that would also offer a think-tank and breeding ground for new sustainability initiatives. We have delivered on these objectives.

The WPSP Project Portfolio as of 31 December 2019

In addition, Dr Antonis Michail, author of the report as WPSP Technical Director added that the report states that community outreach and port-city dialogue are on top of ports’ agendas worldwide. Also, climate and energy and resilient infrastructure score relatively high, which confirms efforts motivated by external societal, political and commercial pressures to embrace decarbonization and digitalization.

It is in these two areas of interest where we also see the highest frequency of activities in terms of collaborative projects on the WPSP platform where IAPH is taking either a leading or partnering role

... Dr Michail concluded,


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World Ports Sustainability Report 2020