Specifically, cyber security training for crew is a mandatory and a high focus area to mitigate human error that may lead to cyber security breach.

The training program that aims to prevent cyber attacks should is comprised of:

  • Raising the awareness of cyber security;
  • Kinds of threat that could breech cyber security and how it works;
  • Password policies to build a strong password;
  • What to avoid and look out for;
  • Preventive measure, best practices.

Moreover, in order to make seafarers keen on cyber attacks,Wilhelmsen sends IT specialists to visit vessels onboard in order to pass the right message for the importance of cyber security.

It is of a great importance to closely collaborate with ship owners and build a strong cyber protection.

In addition, a robust cyber security framework can be easily compromised by end user vulnerability. Therefore, it is crucial to build a culture on board and on shore focusing on protecting it.

As the seafarers' vulnerability opposes a great risk to cyber security, Wilhelmsen supports that the crew should have motivation to learn. As a result, the company lowered the threshold and language that was used in training materials in order for seafarers to identify and properly understand the risk.


Wilhelmsen also carries out IT Penetration Tests and Security Assessments on board.

Also, the communication ashore is constant and security measures are enforced to drill in the importance of creating a safe digital environment.

In conclusion, Wilhelmsen's cyber security training is also based on IMO's Information Security Management Code.