New Clarksons report on eco- ships

Eco-ShipClarksons released a new report entitled as ''What are eco-ships up against?" to analyse the new trend in the shipping market at the moment, the move to ''eco-ships''. These ships promise change in cost savings and environmental- friendly permormance.

According to the report, there are three eco-ship issues:

  1. The fuel consumption in the last 20 years was pretty flat and on paper at least, many of the modern ships are less efficient than older generations.
  2. The big improvement 1975-88 which started from $2/bbl gas guzzlers will be difficult to repeat because the technology has been squeezed so hard over the last 25 years
  3. The big fuel saver is slower speed and good old ships can play this game as well as new ships.

The report concludes that ''eco-ships'' carry a lot of capital costs and in the long-term the return on capital counts, not who you beat at the loading point today. Against this background, and the many uncertainties over the true performance of the new eco-technology, it's no wonder investors are struggling. Eco-features are definitely a nice bonus if you need a new ship, but it's the "need" issue that's tricky.

Find out more by reading Clarkson's report on eco- ships by Dr. Martin Stopford