Lately, the industry is highly concerned about the importance of seafarer wellness and there are already many campaigns and industry’s initiatives trying to address crew well-being issues. Focus has been shed on finding ways to address the five key aspects of wellness for people working onboard: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual. But how have we succeed so far?

What’s more, research on employee health and wellness has unveiled that investing in employees’ health can only have a positive impact on one organization’s success. To keep employees healthy throughout the year, employers need to step up their health and wellness game by committing to corporate wellness initiatives and considering what needs to be improved to keep personnel engaged, motivated and healthy both physically and mentally

Strategy, motivation, support and engagement are the keys to a successful approach towards addressing wellness either for seafarers or office staff; in this context, SAFETY4SEA is pleased to launch SAFETY4SEA Wellness survey which will run within Q4 of 2019. The survey involves two parts:

  • SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness Survey with the aim to examine factors around seafarers’ life while working at sea and provide a picture to shipping organizations as they actually have very little information about it.
  • SAFETY4SEA Employee Wellness Survey with the aim to examine factors around personnel working within maritime industry and provide a picture of their wellness status.

The survey refers to people working at the maritime industry and requires less than five minutes. Results, key points and data analysis will be presented within Q1 of 2020.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation!  

Important notice
Full anonymity is ensured throughout the survey. SAFETY4SEA would like to guarantee non disclosure of all data submitted. No names or e-mails are required to submit the survey results. All demographics are being used for analysis & verification purposes.

The SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness Survey is now closed.

Stay tuned for the results, key points and data analysis!