With a 33.3% of preventable drownings accounted from Pacific island's people, the water-safety expert Harry Aonga along with his team are in a mission to prevent drowning by educating the Pacific community, in order to be well-prepared in an emergency situation when close to the water.

Moreover, Harry and his crew goal to change Pacific island's people behaviors, by highlighting the risks that the water hides. The team focused on the importance of wearing a lifejacket and the necessity of having the safety equipment when you are doing activities like boating or fishing.

Safety- experts call people to pay attention of the issue and avoid drinking alcohol before going in the water, since it can lead to fatal accidents.

The importance of wearing a lifejacket is a must. Make sure that you are well-prepared and have different forms of communications and more importantly make sure that you are avoid alcohol when you are going out and doing these activities.

...said Harry Aonga.

Furthemore, the drowning prevention team noted that reading the safety signs and being aware of the area that you are going to, can play a major role to be safe in, on and around the water.  Keep in mind that you know how to float and what to do if you see someone in trouble without compromising your own safety, while always ensure that you are swimming between the flags, since this is the safest part of the beach.

Later this month, in light of the drowning situation the Maritime NZ has funded a brand-new lifejacket project, while it has recently published its proposals to prevent drownings.