He cannot walk on water, but ‘rocket man’ Richard Browning can hop and glide over it as he demonstrated how the Royal Navy might use such a suit.

Credit: Royal Navy

A small landing/launch pad was set up on Dasher’s forecastle as he leapt between the boat and two accompanying rib speed boats buzzing around the Solent off Portsmouth Harbour at speeds of up to 20 knots.

The trials proved that the suit works over a large body of water and that the pilot can land and take-off with relative ease from boats or ships moving at speed – even with the limited space on the upper deck of a P2000 patrol vessel.

Credit: Royal Navy

This successful testing has laid the foundations for further tests at sea from some of the Royal Navy’s larger warships, said the ‘rocket man’ Richard Browning.

The Royal Navy has been at the leading edge of technology in defence for hundreds of years – we’re proud of our traditions but we continue to explore new ideas and concepts and push the boundaries of naval warfare,

...Commander Milly Ingham, Commander of Portsmouth’s 1st Patrol Boat Squadron, added.

HMS Dasher, a P2000 patrol vessel, went to sea with the Gravity X team to conduct the technology firms’ first trial of flying their jet powered body suit at sea./ Credit: Royal Navy