The shipment included a number of components for Goldwind GW155 onshore wind turbines - blades, nacelles, generators, hubs and tower sections - and it arrived on board the freighter Star Kilimanjaro on July 22.

Julianna Marler, CEO of the Port of Vancouver USA commented that "Wind manufacturers have kept us busy this spring and summer moving wind energy components."

As the components arrived in Vancouver, they will undergo a months-long transit northeast to Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, where they will be installed at Potentia Renewable’s Golden South Wind Energy Project.

The turbines are expected to generate about 900,000 megawatt-hours of electricity. When compared with coal-fired power, this is equivalent to removing the carbon emissions of half the cars in Saskatoon, the largest city in the province, according to Potentia.

It is also stated that four more shipments of giant turbine components will pass through Port of Vancouver for the Potentia project this year. Thanks to its breakbulk berths, heavy lift cranes, laydown space and road and rail connections, the port has become a leader in wind turbine component shipping on the West Coast.