In fact, the initiative came in order to determine whether and how drone deliveries could enhance the port's transport efficiency.

For the records, the aerial delivery operation to a ship is reported to be the first in the Netherlands.

As Stephan van Vuren, one of the people behind the Dutch Drone Delta initiative marked:

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using drones in the port area. This pilot project in the port of Rotterdam has allowed us to directly demonstrate the added value of drone technology in a complex environment.

What is more, the drone delivery was closely monitored by the port authorities, but in the near future it will be managed beyond the pilot’s physical line of sight.

In light of the above, Port Authority adviser Ingrid Römers concluded:

The current pilot project is a prime example: it makes a significant contribution to more efficient transport in general; and in due time, it will specifically help to reduce the pressure on our road network. We intend to safely structure our airspace under the slogan ‘Rotterdam, the safest port to fly’.