The team lifted the whole wind turbine with a single lift from its monopile foundation to be transported towards and backloaded on the quay of Sif Rotterdam for additioanl onshore decommissioning.

Overall, the DOT unit was installed at Eneco’s Princess Amalia offshore wind farm, Prinses Amaliawindpark, in the Dutch North Sea in June 2018. DOB-Academy added that the data concerning the Slip Joint connection are now gathered. Moreover, they will keep the data to process them.

The wind farm was installed via a Slip Joint connection, meaning that it is slid over the monopile without the use of grout or bolts.

Also, Heerema Marine Contractors' Aegir loaded the assembled turbine at the quay of Sif Rotterdam and installed it at Ijmuiden in floating mode on Dynamic Positioning (DP). In August of 2019, they returned to Princess Amalia to remove the DOT.

The Slip Joint Offshore Research project began by DOT BV in 2016, in partnership with TU Delft, TNO, Van Oord, and Sif group, as well as project stakeholders Eneco and Heerema Marine Contractors.