Specifically, the film centers on five primary areas:

  • The Blackfish Effect: What it did and didn't accomplish, with SeaWorld taking a major hit to its bottom line, but the 20 orcas are still there;
  • The case against captivity, where orcas are forced to live in barren concrete tanks;
  • Orcas as sentient animals, and their great capacity to think, feel, communicate, and empathize;
  • The Whale Sanctuary Project and its model seaside sanctuary for retired orcas, which provides a safe, permanent home in their natural habitat;
  • The threat to orcas posed by Russia and China, due to the explosive growth of mega-aquariums in China.


Commenting on the film, Director William Neal, explained that its aim is to raise awareness of the current state of captive orcas globally, and motivate animal lovers everywhere to speak up and make their voices heard.