Namely, the animation video forms part of the Union's Fair Treatment campaign, which calls for seafarers to be treated fairly in all aspects of their work, including when accidents occur.

Furthermore, it highlights the fact that while accidents happen in every industry, no other industry treats its workers like criminals.

According to Nautilus International:

"A survey in 2019 found that almost 90% of seafarers fear criminalisation at work and felt that they could face criminal prosecution for incidents beyond their control. The results from this survey can be found in a report on criminalisation along with case studies, information on seafarers’ rights and practical support for members".

In light of the above, the organization continues to push international governments for a fairer approach, while is also taking practical steps to support its members including through its new Fair Treatment App.

Specifically, through the app, Union members also have access to advice on what they should do in case of emergency as well as contact details for local legal support if required. The app functions both on and offline to support seafarers all over the world, regardless of their location and access to the internet.