According to SSG Stephen Stroman, US soldiers gathered in Africa to communicate and collaborate with Djiboutian military, navy and coastguard. The exercise that was conducted was focused mostly in reminding  soldiers from both countries basic training that they weren't able to do for a long time and enhance the importance of security.


Both military teams collaborated to test skills in medical readiness, vehicle, board, search, seizure and battlefield.

Moreover, Noor Khan, from Coastal Riverine Squadron 8, supported that it was a great experience on sharing and exchanging info on visit, board, search and seizure. Exchanges concerning information improve maritime security and mission. Most importantly, they brought experts from the medical field.

They also focused on proper procedures on how to move inside small spaces, such as small ships, which deals with boarding a vessel, searching it and clearing any possible threats.

Finally, CPL Adien Elmi, a Djiboutian Coast Guard, stated that by collaborating with the US navy they learn how to keep the sea and its people safe.