Specifically, as the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative reports, India is building on improvements to become a stronger shipping force,

Given the continuous piracy, illegal fishing, and other maritime crimes, which remain serious concerns, India is dealing with these issues in four steps:

#1 The Indian military is upgrading its naval, coast guard, and air capabilities in order to better monitor and project power farther from shore.

#2 India focuses on improving its regional maritime domain awareness and creating a common operating picture through the work of the Indian Navy’s Information Fusion Centre for the Indian Ocean Region, or IFC-IOR.

#3 New Delhi is expanding its military ties along with other major players in the Indo-Pacific, including the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement signed with the United States in August 2016.

#4 New Delhi has grown concerned about Chinese investments in important ports like Hambantota in Sri Lanka and Gwadar in Pakistan which grant Beijing a degree of leverage over the host countries and could serve a dual function as future logistics hubs for the Chinese military.