Explaining how the Port of Singapore prepares for the 2020 sulphur cap, Alan Lim said that MPA Singapore is working on two fronts. The first is to ensure availability of compliant fuels at the Port. The second is to prepare the Port, as well as the ships carrying the Singapore flag.


On the first issue, MPA is receiving regular updates from their suppliers, to be sure that they are able to supply compliant fuel. For this reason, it has published a list of its bunker suppliers and the range of compliant fuels that they can supply.

In addition, MPA in cooperation with Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) have published two technical books on complying with IMO 2020. These books provide the details and the options for compliance and also what to do when ships call at the Port from 2020.

As for Exxon, it has made a long-term investment in their refineries and then continues with 0.5% sulphur content compliant fuel. These are complemented by a new range of fuels and lubricants.

Regarding open loop scrubbers, Mr. Lim explained that the Port is not banning them, but it is prohibiting the discharge of wash water from these kind of scrubbers.

Furthermore, in the future the Port of Singapore wants to be able to bunker LNG. For this reason, it has established various schemes to encourage LNG bunkering in Singapore and the results have been positive so far.