Part 3 of HRAS's series of educational films regards Risks and Corporate Actions about Business and Human Rights in the maritime environment.


The development of maritime Business and Human Rights is one of the four pillars of the HRAS's work, and these videos aimed to raise awareness in the maritime sector regarding international protection standards on human rights.

What kind of risks to human rights issues are in the maritime environment?

According to HRAS, businesses can abuse human rights in numerous ways. In the maritime environment this can include:

  • Forced labour and slavery: This happens when a person has been trafficked into a crewing position without any contractual agreement and the protections that come with it.
  • Another way these abuses can take place is: Through poor or inhumane working conditions, such as dismantling vessels under hazardous conditions, poor pay or physical abuse.

In order to avoid these violations, businesses should include human rights awareness and protections in their policies, thus regulating their operations and their suppliers.

They should also use management systems to measure levels of internal awareness and commitment to human rights and set out a remediation process for human rights grievances.

See more details in the following infographic: