By January 1, 2020, all seagoing ships must reduce their sulphur emissions by 85%. For this reason, CMA CGM aspires to further reduce the emissions for every container APL transports by 30%, between 2015 and 2025.


What is more, APL and CMA CGM have launched the ETA 2020 commitment, in order to help them comply with the new cap. ETA (Energy Transition, Ambition) has already implemented a series of actions.

Namely in 2017, CMA CGM chose to fuel its future 22,000 TEUs containerships with LNG. This aims to achieve a 99% reduction of sulphur and up to 25% CO2.

In the meantime, APL and CMA CGM are ready to implement two other initiatives as well:

  • In the first option, it will use marine diesel fuel if necessary to remain compliant, but this is a short-term measure;
  • The second option includes the installation of scrubbers on high capacity vessels.