According to Naval Group, Suffren is one of the stealthiest submarines globally, while her detection capabilities reassure of acoustic superiority.

Specifically, Suffren is a 99-metre, black steel submarine.

Moreover, it's the first time that the French Navy will have a deep strike capability, using cruise missiles, being assisted by the Suffren. Also, it features a divers' hatch for the deployment of special forces underwater and the optional carrying of a dry deck shelter allowing for the deployment of underwater vehicles.

The submarine is planned to begin sea trials in late July and arrive in Toulon, her home port, before the summer of 2020.

An order for a sixth Barracuda-class submarine was formally announced at Suffren's launching ceremony. The names of the other five submarines will be: Duguay Trouin, Tourville, De Grasse, Rubis and Casabianca. The first four submarines will be delivered by 2025 and will gradually replace the Navy's existing submarines.