Durban harbour April 13th. 2018. Vehicle carrier vs tugboat. Vehicle carrier under the control of a harbour pilot.

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At the time of the incident, there were no employees on board the tug and no injuries were reported. Damage occurred to the quayside and the tug sustained a hole on its side, which has resulted in an ingress of water into the tug. The tug 'Umbilo' was deployed to the site with a salvage pump to remove the water from Inyalazi.

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) confirmed on Sunday an investigation is underway to determine the exact causes of the accident. TNPA's Ms Ayanda Somagaca informed:

Divers and Port of Durban marine crew were on site to closely assess the extent of the damage for the purposes of blocking water from entering the tug. SAMSA arrived at the scene to assess the damage to the Tug and the Commercial Vessel.

As from Sunday, operations at the port were running as normal and that the car carrier vessel had been able to continue with its operations while the tug would be moved a dry dock for repairs.