Namely, the piracy attack occurred when the vessel was voyaging near Congo.

During the ceremony, the crewmembers explained in details what happened during the pirate attack and how they managed to escape.

Carl Schou, Wilhelmsen Ship Management, noted that being a seafarer comes with many challenges. He highlighted that when he received the call for the incident he was anxious for the crew's safety.

Moreover, Pontus Berg, BW LPG, stated that the crews effort to handle the situation wasn't expected from a normal crew. Yet, their bravery showed good seamanship. He added that the situation was also handled because of the good communication and cooperation that happened between the crew onboard and the crew ashore.

Finally, the Captain of the vessel, Lalit Dabas quoted that

I would like to thank all the people from the BW LPG and Wilhelmsen ship management who have come here today to appreciate us. I'm very thankful for their support throughout.