The tests were carried out under the Joint Industry Project Autonomous Shipping, a two-year research and innovation project on autonomous operations of sea-going vessels that started in 2017.


A total of eleven scenarios were implemented in which the SeaZip 3 interacted with two other ships. By testing the scenarios, the partners showed how the decision-making process works from an autonomous system that sails safely and makes time for other shipping.

The autonomous system of was connected to the operating system of the SeaZip 3 and conducted the maneuvers in a safe manner. The partners decided that more development of autonomous systems is needed to respond efficiently to complex shipping situations.

The demonstration provides input for a roadmap to autonomous shipping, thanks to the insights into the state of current technology, the obstacles to be taken and the potential of technology. The Roadmap gives direction to development within the maritime industry, knowledge institutions, universities and governments. In addition, it provides insights into regulations and aspects such as risk management

Netherlands Maritime Technology said.