The ‘King Reef’ is a mixture of six giant steel structures integrated with concrete modules will form the reef’s 55 module arrangement. The reef is situated across two acres on the ocean floor, and resides only 10 minutes from local boat ramps.

The project, initiated in February and concluded in early August 2018, is a collaboration between Recfishwest, BHP, NERA (National Energy Resources Australia), Subcon International and Curtin University. Through Recfishwest the project also has support from the Exmouth community and the Western Australian State Government, through the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund.

This cross-sector partnership has allowed for the creation of Australia’s largest integrated artificial reef thanks to 6 large repurposed steel reef structures kindly donated by BHP. These structures have been modified with additional features creating the unique environmentally safe habitat for fish.

With over 27,000m3 of new habitat being introduced, the reef will quickly become home to a range of different fish species as well as food sources and a colonising organisms such algae, coral and sponges enhancing ocean biodiversity and fishing experiences for generations to come,

...said Recfishwest CEO Dr Andrew Rowland.