The renewed service agreement, signed in May 2017 extends from scheduled maintenance and spare parts to periodic technical surveys and training programmes and from annual audits to monthly key performance indicator reviews. The agreement spans over two years, with a renewal option for three additional years.

More specifically, the contract provides Wärtsilä’s Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP), so that engine maintenance can be carried out according to actual needs, enabling optimal availability and minimal risk of disruptions. Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) optimises the availability, reliability and performance of the engines through the diagnostics of key parameters and on-time decision support.

 In addition, Wärtsilä offers performance guarantees, such as Response Time Guarantee and Quality Guarantee, which ensure that the contractual performance targets are met. 

The training ensures that the vessels’ engines are maintained to the highest standards, and the crew is able to work in full coordination with Wärtsilä’s technical team. 

“We are pleased to renew our partnership with Wärtsilä, after working together productively for the past five years. Wärtsilä’s expertise in engine maintenance and performance gives us peace of mind, increases the safety of cruise travel and improves the satisfaction of our customers,” says Robin Lindsay, Executive Vice President, Vessel Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.