During the Slush Helsinki event 2018 Wärtsilä launched the 'lifeboat for buildings' project. The project is conceptualised and designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design and is based in Wärtsilä’s smart technologies combining both Marine and Energy as autodocking, dynamic positioning and wireless charging.


Moreover, the autonomous lifeboat is run by 100% renewable energy, such as synthetic renewable fuels and solar energy. By this project the company aspires to address the importance of climate change and in the meantime is looking for partners to collaborate on this project. Yet, although the company supports that the project is not a real one, it supports that it could have already been used, if existed, during recent floods in Indonesia and Italy, according to Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer.

As stated by Steffen Knodt, Director Digital Ventures, Wärtsilä is eager to collaborate with start-ups, partners, and future colleagues globally and across industries aiming to find smart solutions for energy and marine.

Also, due to a rapid increase of climate change, the company will not wait for marine and energy industries to improve and will pave the way for change.

Finally, Wärtsilä is an important player when it comes to technology and sustainability. The latter calls the company to reduce the energy consumption by 7% by 2025 and reduce GHG emission from gas engines by 15% by 2020.