Namely, a database gathers all the data generated during the training, in order to conclude to an in-depth profile of each of the crew. The system can also use a single yacht familiarisation module for new recruits, while it aspires to add more modules, such as:

  • Enclosed space entry training;
  • Creation of environments that are similar to the yacht’s systems;
  • Fire training.


What is more, some companies are using VR training as the lack the resources to develop their own ship simulators. As V360 Marine said, these companies are attracted by the flexibility of VR and how a trainer or supervisor ashore can participate in real time.

Augmented Reality is also incorporated in the system, enabling the crew to locate piping systems, electric cable runs and other points of interest without removing deckheads, bulkhead panels or floor plates.

This can increase familiarisation training and unplanned maintenance, as systems can be traced fast on the ship. In addition, procedures and instructions are called upon through the digital interface, facilitating the location of errors.