John F. Reinhart, the CEO and executive director of the Virginia Port Authority commented

We have moved more than a half-million TEUs in two months and are providing a very high level of service and efficiency to the ocean carriers and cargo owners.

According to the Port Authority, the cargo port handled in May:

  • Total TEUs – 260,894, up 10.1%
  • Loaded Export TEUs – 88,065, up 3.4%
  • Loaded Import TEUs – 119,592, up 10.1%
  • Total Containers – 146,018, up 8.3%
  • Total Rail Containers – 49,775, up 4.4%
  • Total Truck Containers – 91,802, up 10.7%
  • Total Barge Containers – 4,441, up 5.2%
  • Richmond Barge Containers – 2,752, up 11.6%

In addition, on May 31, the port launched a completed on-dock rail yard at VIG to a select audience of customers, partners, cargo owners and stakeholders. The rail yard now has nearly 20,000 feet of new track and is supported by four cantilever rail-mounted gantry cranes.

Our rail reach into the Midwest is expanding and we are aggressively marketing our capabilities. It is realistic to expect that we will be moving 40 percent of our overall cargo volume by rail by 2022.

Moreover, Mr Reinhart added that there are 12 new stacks served by 24 new RMGs already in service.

The port saw additional increases in May, concerning all phases of its operations. Specifically:

  • container tonnage was up more than 5%;
  • total rail volume up more than 4%;
  • total barge volume up more than 5%;
  • volume at Richmond Marine Terminal up nearly 12%;
  • truck volume was up almost 11%.