The reduction in piaracy has been achieved through various means including the creation of the Maritime Security Transit Corridor in the Gulf of Aden. However, a recent incident has highlighted the need for continued vigilance when vessels are passing through this region.

In mid-May, a total of six pirates attacked a Stolt Tankers tanker, named Stolt Apal, 75 nautical miles off Yemen’s coast.

After multiple warning shots were fired by the armed guard team aboard Stolt Apal, the skiffs opened fire on the ship. The armed guard team returned fire, disabling one skiff and ending the pursuit, the company added.

In addition, the bridge area sustained minor damages from bullets but there were no injuries, no pollution and no cargo impacted on Stolt Apal.

Vessels transiting the area are advised to remain vigilant and adhere to BMP5 when transiting the area. All suspicious activity should be reported to UKMTO and MSCHOA

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