Two divers from the Pacific Maritime Services Company Ltd dived into the river, assisting with the salvage operations, to remove the pins. A container stuck in the vessel suddenly sunk. In light of the incident, a group of three other divers went to help the two that were in the water, as they were showing signs of suffocation.

In their attempts to help, the container overturned over the three divers who were underwater.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thanh Son, the head of the Hiep Phuoc Border Gate Station, the Border Guard in Saigon, reported to VTC News that despite the search and rescue operations, the three divers are still missing, whereas the two injured ones were taken to a hospital.

Following updates, it is stated that the two divers are reportedly in a coma, where as one body of the three missing was later on found.

Overall, the container vessel capsized on October, and Transport Minister Nguyen Van The allegedly requested prompt actions to prevent the 150 tonnes of oil leaked from the ship from spreading further, and ordered an investigation on the incident.