These vessels are slim boats with multiple engines and painted in pale colours, in order to make it difficult to be recognised. These new vessels are the new trend by drug cartels, which in the past had used autonomous submersibles, drones and high-speed pangas, to move illegal drugs and other products including weapons and cash. 

During 23 different drug operations in the Eastern Pacific by US Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Navy forces, more than 47,000 pounds of cocaine worth $721 million were seized. These incidents show an increasing risk from drug smuggling operations, USNI news said.

According to the US Coast Guard Pacific Area, drug cartels and their networks smuggle more than 97% of cocaine bound for the US and Canada.

As a countermeasure to these new vessels, the USCG is currently deploying drones, thus extending the reach of its seagoing forces, in order to locate those low-profile ships.