SWAN stands for Shipboard Wireless Area Network and DIPS is DSME IP Integrated Network System. You may know, DSME as Shipbuilding Company in Korea and SWANNET had been developing this system together since 2009. So, DSME’s DIPS is the same as SWAN system which is based on wired and wireless networks.

We have integrated ship computer system, Telephone, CCTV, IPTV/CAS/VoD and Master Clock System. Also remote maintenance system can be supplied. SWAN system interfaces with mobile devices such as laptop, tablet and smart phone. Furthermore we keep trying to integrate a personal alarm system. Through our own efforts for the vessel. DSME has adopted our system as standard Spec. since 2011, so we have ordered and delivered a lot of ships so far.

The market analysis of DIPS system shows that Greece is the top of the rank with 34 ships; also many countries are included such as Singapore, China and Norway. LNG and Container are included in high rank of ship type, FSUR, PLVS are also included. 4 ship-owners belong to Greece and ship of type is LNG, COT and Container.

The SWAN system installation at NASSCO ship building in USA shows that the Cat’7 LAN cable is connected from Core rack to AP through sub rack. And each devices operation can be based on wired or wireless network. For example, GPS master clock, CAS and VoD are only running in wireless network. Therefore, Seafarers can enjoy various contents using their mobile devices, smart phone or Laptop computer at anywhere on the ship.

Auto telephone system can be operated with not only a wired but also a wireless network. Specially, we have developed a smart phone to be used by seafarer and composed with auto telephone.

Main feature of SWAN system

  • Seafarer’s smart phone can be used as their communication device in the vessel.
  • Seafarers can make full use of their smart phone including various APP as well.
  • Emergency call function interfaces with VIPS,
  • Paging call with general alarm function is available and it is possible to use as general mobile phone and clock of LCD type.

The Indoor communication system based on IP/Wireless network has the following benefits: 1) Intelligence, 2) Convenience and 3) Scalability.

DSME adopted the SWAN system as a standard Spec. named DIPS. Specially when DSME says about DIPS advantage, it refers to the unified communication available and integrated wired/wireless convergence network environment which makes possible the communication between crews in whole vessel.

The typical analog intercom system is changing to an integrated intercom system using IP and wireless network. Even though we have over 300 ships reference about wireless network, we are still trying to develop various contents based on wireless network of the vessel.

Since 2013, we have developed Vessel Indoor Positioning Technology for seafarer and passenger safety. VIPS hybrid positioning engine is based on extended Viterbi algorism and fingerprinting technology tested at our R&D center in Korea for system. It’s composed of crew and equipment real time position, tracking, and patrol management functions. Even case of Navy, small weapon management is more simple, more detail for caption or manager in real time. Also, VIPS can display IBS, AMS data and can connect of IP based telephone, CCTV, and so on.

When we face an emergency situation on commercial ship and cruise line using VIPS system, all crew and passenger can manage entrance and exit. Various management and monitoring for the crews can be possible. Suppose that if non-allowed crew/person tries to enter or come inside dangerous zone or hazardous area on the vessel. The related warning signal will be immediately generated from VIPS, then caption, manager and all crews can recognize in real-time. In addition, in case that the emergency situation such as fire or vessel sinking, VIPS will send some kind of warning signal to passenger’s smart phone for guarantee their evacuation in GOLDEN TIME.

We have another government R&D project with SWANNET, Hyundai Heavy Industries and KAIST. Although korea is the first shipbuilding country in the world, Korea shipyard working area had occurred over 35 mortality accident and 2000 serious injuries every year. So, now in this project, we are trying to reduce accidents in the working area through hybrid positioning technical development. Also, this technology will be developed to use an operating vessel and offshore unit.

We have also developed a multi-function device, called M-TV, which is a Marine multi Television covering various contents such as entertainment, information, communication and safety systems based on Vessel Indoor Positioning Technology. Every crew can use M-TV contents with PC, Laptop, mobile devices and television anywhere and anytime on the ship. The Captain and Manager can watch crew’s real time position and various safety conditions as well.

Finally, we will serve a mash-up service platform to clients for seafarer’s welfare and safety. Crew welfare is not just the only money. Offering better communications and infotainment to seafarers is no longer choice, but a matter of survival to Ship Owners. Therefore, we will continue to study and develop more for seafarers’ happiness and safety onboard.


Above article is an edited version of Mr. Hyuk-Soon Kwon presentation during the 2016 SMART4SEA Forum

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