Accordingly, Valenciaport said the news reinforced the port’s position as the leading hub for goods in Spain. The table was drawn up by UNCTAD to reflect the bets connected ports in the second quarter of 2020.

In the EU, the port rose by two places in the ranking compared to 2019, when it was in the sixth position, surpassing Piraeus and Bremen, and in June 2020 it was in fourth position behind Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg. On a world level, the Port of Valencia is in twenty-first place, two positions higher than in the previous report.

The index is decided by a number of factors, such as the number of shipping companies operating at the port, average TEU capacity of vessels calling there and the amount of other ports it is directly connected to.

The world ranking is led by the main Asian ports, with Shanghai at the top of the world ranking followed by the ports of Singapore, Ningbo, Pusan and Hong Kong. In seventh and eighth position are the leading European ports, Rotterdam and Antwerp, respectively, while Hamburg as the third European port is in 14th place. With regard to the Spanish ports, after Valencia which is in 21st position, are Algeciras (23) and Barcelona (24).