Specifically, the exercise will consist of participants from the Neptune Coalition, a partnership of state, local and federal agencies in favour of safety and security of the Maritime Transportation System within the Bay Area.

Moreover, maritime active threats are stated as the individuals or groups that have the responsibility of harming or trying to harm people in confined and populated areas.


The attacks will have various methods, from edged weapons to small arms.

At that time, the Coast Guard alerts boaters to be distant from the training exercise area while it will be conducted.

As Capt. Tony Ceraolo, the Sector San Francisco commander noted any important incident on the San Francisco Bay will need multiple agencies' cooperation.

He continued stating that historically even incidents involving single officer response have a high success rate against an aggressor when the first officer on scene applies quick and decisive pressure on the assailant.

While they hope such an incident never occurs, Sector San Francisco is committed to continued interagency training dedicated to providing the swiftest and most comprehensive response possible