All cargo was successfully removed from the barge over the weekend, and it returned safely to Honolulu Monday, where a further damage assessment is being conducted.

Of the 21 missing containers, 12 remain unlocated. One was initially located north of Hilo and sank.

One washed ashore at Onomea beach, where it was refloated and towed to Hilo Harbor.

The rest were recovered to Hilo Harbor and were removed from the water.

The incident is a reportable marine casualty under federal regulations, so the Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the cause of the incident. Both agencies produce their own summary of findings.

The shipping company, Young Brothers, worked with USCG to address the situation and is conducting an independent investigation.

The State of Hawaii Department of Transportation – Harbors Division is also aware and assisted in cargo operations at the pier in Hilo.