Namely, the accident occurred when the towing vessel Debbie Graham, which was pushing 15 loaded coal barges, made contact with the 2nd Street Bridge on the Ohio River.

The contact caused the vessel’s 15 barges to break free. Thus, six barges were recovered.


Moreover, because of the accident the water at the McAlpine Dam increased by about three feet over the course of the past 24 hours leading to one additional barge to sink.

Nine barges are for the time being lying on the dam above the falls, and seven of the nine barges have already sank.

The parties are collaborating to evaluate and acknowledge the situation that is rapidly changing day by day.

Also, Tennessee Valley Towing has gathered two salvage teams to raise the barges. The salvage equipment team arrived at the scene on January 2.

Yet, the cause of the incident remains unknown and is still under investigation.

Concluding, the Coast Guard opened the Ohio River to vessel passing from Twelve Mile Island to McAlpine Lock and Dam. However, traffic is only permitted during daylight hours.