List of minimum items that MI and PSC Officers should examine during inspections

USCGUSCG has issued EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) Job aid to be used by Coast Guard Marine Inspectors (MI) and Port State Control )PSC) Officers during inspections of US flag vessels and during PSC examinations.

Job Aid includes a list of minimum items to assist in verifying that a vessel is in compliance with the December 2013 EPA VGP. The depth and scope of the examination must be determined by the MI and PSC Officers based on the condition of the vessel, operation of its systems, and the competency of the vessel's crew.

The EPA VGP addresses many of the same water pollution prevention items that the Coast Guard currently examines during vessel compliance examinations. This Job Aid addresses the key or "first tier" inspection items currently not covered by Coast Guard vessel inspection regulations or policy.

Coast Guard personnel will perform these checks in addition to the current pollution prevention inspections/examinations covered in the applicable CG-840 books.

All deficiencies, even if corrected while onboard, shall be documented within MISLE as discussed in Section 6 of the cover letter to this policy. MISLE documentation will then be sent to the EPA via generated CGBI Cube reports.Note: - Citations to the VGP sections are given as references for the specific requirements and legal authorities.

EPA Vessel General Permit (VGP) - USCG Job Aid (please click at image to download)

USCG Job Aid

Source: USCG