Port Security Advisory (PSA) 1-12

The US Coast Guard (USCG) has just released Port Security Advisory (PSA) 1-12 concerning the modification of conditions of entry on vessels arriving from ports not maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures.

Specifically, the USCG has determined that the Republic of Yemen is not maintaining effective anti-terrorism measures in some of its ports. The ports in the Republic of Yemen that have been found to have effective anti-terrorism measures and have therefore been exempted from taking additional security measures are listed in paragraph B in the Port Security Advisory (PSA).

Actions required as listed in paragraphs C and D of this Port Security Advisory take effect for vessels that arrive in the United States on or after September 18, 2012, after visiting certain ports in the Republic of Yemen as one of their last five ports of call.

The PSA can be found here.

The Department for Homeland Security has also released Docket No. USCG-2012-0279 'Notification of the Imposition of Conditions of Entry for Certain Vessels Arriving to the United States', which can be accessed here.

The Federal Register's website can be accessed here.

Source: USCG